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Autophagy Tea Bags to Rejuvenate, Detox and Revitalize Your Body. Autophagy Diet Tea Made of Bladderwrack,


  • AUTOPHAGY & ANTIAGING: Autophagy protects against premature aging inside out. The process acts both within and outside of the cell to help decrease oxidative stress, delay aging, increase genetic instability, improve production of energy, and increase the elimination of waste. Delvix Garden Autophagy tea can help enhance these benefits…
  • WEIGH LOSS: As mentioned above, autophagy means “self-eating.” By doing so, the body eats unhealthy fats and damaged cells, which causes you to lose weight healthily and without loose skin problem which to associate with rapid weight loss. Our autophagy tea contains herbs that may boost the weight loss process.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES: In addition to boosting the autophagy benefits, It has been shown that the ingredients included in this Autophagy Tea have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, as measured by C-Reactive Protein (or CRP) and Total Antioxidant Status (or TAS).
  • PREMIUM BLEND OF 9 HERBS: Delvix Garden Autophagy Tea delivers nine premium herbs blended in one convenient tea bag. Each cup of our premium tea is like 9 cups of 9 different herbs in 1.
  • OHER BENEFITS OF AUTOPHAGY: Among other benefits of autophagy diet include promoting detoxification, speeding up metabolism, boosting brain functions, strenghening the immune system, rejuvenating the skin and preventing acne, and improving insulin sensitivity.
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Why Delvix Garden Autophagy Tea?

Nature offers special compounds identified in various plants for their ability to support this complex natural process. Delvix Garden Autophagy Tea is a premium blend 9 of these powerful ingredients in a convenient tea bag.

Activating autophagy is one of the most important ways you can assist your body in improving its functions, from strengthening your immune function and cardiac health to decreasing your inflammation and looking young and healthy at any age.

Our Premium Quality Blended Autophagy Tea Bags can help you boost your energy and immune system, and enhance cognitive functions, (reasoning, memory , attention…) while making you look and feel younger.

Autophagy Diet and Longevity

We all here to die one day. But what if there is a way to delay aging and age healthily? Yes. Autophagy can help you do that according to many studies. More and more studies have found fasting, the main trigger of autophagy, can be the most effective non-medical key to longevity.

Autophagy diet just happens to be the topic of promising research on how to increase lifespan and longevity.

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